Why I’m supporting Will Pritchard

Elections | 09/15/2020

Melissa Damm
IPS Grandparent

When it comes to deciding who I want to represent families like mine through the challenges in IPS District 1, I want someone who has been through it, who understands firsthand and will fight for our voices to be heard.

Beyond volunteering for the IPS board finance committee, Will is an IPS parent.  And to me, the parent voice is most important. He volunteers for activities – including coaching his kids sports and visiting IPS classrooms. His commitment showed me that he really does care about the future of IPS and that he would know how to help our district overcome the financial challenges it’s going to face because of this pandemic.

The pandemic hasn’t just taken a toll on student achievements and outlooks. It’s also placed a heavy burden on our IPS students’ emotional wellbeing. I like that Will wants to celebrate and acknowledge our students, families, and teachers when they succeed and change how the broader community thinks of IPS.

Because he is an IPS parent, he sees every day how hard IPS teachers work and he knows IPS teachers deserve more, he wants to make sure teachers get their pay raises every year. I am all for rewarding teachers who are committed to our students and are in it for the long haul. I think that’s one step in closing the already too large opportunity gap.

It surprises me every day to know that not all our children are receiving the same shot at success, all because of where they live. Will Pritchard stands with his fellow parents against the injustice that comes with failing schools in our area. That’s why he has been actively involved in neighborhood redevelopment on the east side. His plans for District 1 show me that he has the experience helping our community to follow through on making sure every child, no matter their ZIP code, has a great school to go to.

If you’re not registered to vote, please register today. And if you’re in District 1, don’t turn in your ballot until you’ve selected Will Pritchard for the IPS school board.

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