Why I’m supporting Diane Arnold

Elections | 09/17/2020

Ana Hernandez
IPS Parent

As a part of the parent committee that worked for months deciding who to endorse for the IPS board, Diane Arnold really impressed me to represent District 4. 

There are two people running in District 4, but we only received a response on our survey from Diane. To me, a huge thing that I’m looking for in my school board members is open communication with parents. It was a good sign that instead of ignoring our request to learn more about her, Diane took the time to hear from parents and answer our questions about improving struggling schools in IPS.

As someone who has spoken to the IPS board, the experience was nerve-wracking. If parents are going to take the time and get the nerve to speak up, I want someone at the table of commissioners who will listen. Diane knows this is a challenge for parents like me and wants to make sure IPS can listen to parents in ways they are comfortable with, which I really appreciated about her response.

Diane previously served as the director of the Hawthorne Community Center and worked to minimize summer learning loss and improve bilingual education. Because of her experience, I hope to see Diane Arnold elected and work to make sure all IPS schools are welcoming and accommodating to students, no matter their first language. My children are in a language immersion school, but I know not every student gets the same curriculum as my children. It’s really important to me that IPS is a district that makes sure no kids are slipping through the cracks.

I really liked that she noted there are no bad students and that the district needed to step up and provide more trauma-informed care and mental health supports to children who are often discounted. She sees the gaps many IPS schools have and supports the recruitment of minority teachers, use of culturally competent curriculum and increased family supports to address racial inequity.

Parents unanimously decided to back Diane Arnold because of her priorities to make positive changes to IPS. If elected, Diane will make sure racial equity gets fully integrated into every aspect of our district. She knows intensive supports must be in place to get kids where they need to be academically and will improve parent engagement through empowering families and making sure they feel welcome to speak up. I want to make sure every child receives a great education and that will require improvement to schools that are failing overall or disproportionately failing children of color. Diane is committed to those improvements.

I’m afraid the parent voice will be lost if the other candidate is elected, so cast your vote for Diane Arnold. Make sure you’re registered to vote today and if you need information about mailing in your ballot, check out this blog.

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