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College & Career Readiness, Who We Are | 02/05/2019

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

Ashley Thomas, Stand for Children Indiana Parent Organizer & Training Associate, dreams of her son pursuing a career that is fulfilling and makes him happy. She remembers when her son came to her and said he wanted to be a clown. At the time, she had been told by his teacher that he was “clownin’” in class and she thought to herself, oh no—he is really taking this seriously.

“I prayed this was a short-lived career goal, but none-the-less we need to see this out,” Thomas said.

Ashley took her son and looked up clown schools. They developed a plan outlining what it would take to be a professional clown when he grew up. They mapped out how much they needed to save, and how long he would be in “clown college.” She let him wear a clown nose at home and after a while he decided he didn’t like wearing the clown nose. Perhaps this career wasn’t as serious as Ashley thought.

The point of this story isn’t what he wanted to be, but that as a parent she was willing to support her son’s goals and encourage him to have goals and create plans for his future. She was also able to give him the ability to learn about the life of a clown and try it out.

As parents, we can all encourage our kids to pursue their dreams, no matter what that dream may be. At Stand for Children, we make sure parents have the tools they need to make sure each child has access to the best education to set them on that path.

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