What is House Bill 1003?

Current Events & News, School Funding, Teachers & Principals | 01/16/2019

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

As the legislative session kicks into high gear, we want you to know more about the legislation that Stand Indiana is keeping an eye on as it relates to elevating the teaching profession. For the next three days, we will highlight one of the three bills. Today, let’s look at House Bill (HB) 1003.  “This is a bill that is trying to support and encourage moving dollars to the classroom,” according to Mary Gardner, Stand for Children Indiana’s Government Affairs Director. While Stand Indiana does support this bill because it does offer transparency into how teachers and administrators are being paid we would like to see meaningful dollars reach teachers now.

“As the bill is currently written it encourages districts to put more money towards teacher pay, with a suggestion of 85% of their spending going to the classroom and 15% to operations," Gardner explained. As it is currently written it is not a mandate.

Last week a Teach Plus fellow testified at the House hearing, in support of this bill. This teacher of six years, with a Master’s degree, makes under 40k and works a second job at a pizza shop to make ends meet. Our teachers, the single most important factors in the education of our children, shouldn’t make so little that they need a second job.

This bill passed 9 to 3, splitting down party lines. It is on its way to Ways and Means. Stay Tuned.


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