Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

With HB 1003 and HB 1008 detailed earlier this week, we turn to the final bill that Stand Indiana is focused on this session. HB 1009 is the teacher residency bill. When you think of the word residency, you probably think of doctors. I know I do at least. Doctors are highly respected professionals. We put our lives and our futures in the hands of doctors and we expect them to be highly trained and highly paid. We ask teachers for very similar things; to be educated, continually training and learning more, to be social workers, tear-dryers, supply-buyers, and constantly available. We ask our teachers to educate the future-builders of Indiana. It only makes sense that we would also provide them with a residency. This bill is a start at offering teachers an entire year of on-the-job training.

“Teacher residency allows for a new teacher to have a whole year to practice their skills alongside an effective teacher-mentor,” Mary Gardner, Stand for Children Indiana’s Government Affairs Director said.

Residency allows teachers to confidently walk into their first year as a teacher, already having a set of expectations and lesson plans under their belt. It also brings more prepared teachers into our districts, and hopefully helps teachers stay in the profession. New teachers who are under-prepared and overwhelmed leave the profession for more money and less stress.

Stand for Children Indiana strongly supports this bill, which passed unanimously on Wednesday, January 9. 

This bill then went to Ways and Means on January 17, and passed, again unanimously. This bill will now go to full House for consideration. Stay Tuned.

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