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Marketing and Communications Manager

Yesterday we highlighted House Bill 1003 and today we are focusing on HB 1008. This bill is the teacher career ladders bill which would improve teacher preparation, increase pay for some teachers, and help Indiana maintain teachers who desire career growth, but want to stay in the classroom. Often, if a teacher wants to move up the “career ladder,” and have a salary to match that growth, they must take a role in administration. This bill, currently with $5 million attached to it, would help senior level teachers take on more responsibility and offer a career pathway. This bill also helps younger teachers learn and gain experience through senior level teachers. 

“A lot of teachers in the state, sometimes around their fifth, seventh, tenth year, they leave the profession because they don’t want to become a principal. They love teaching, they love being in the classroom,” Mary Gardner, Stand for Children Indiana’s Government Affairs Director said, “But they are not making enough money and they are not seeing professional growth.”

HB 1008 is an opportunity for many teachers, through a variety of models, to become a mentor or master teachers who teach for part of the day and collaborate with other teachers for the rest of the day. They will be making sure that students get “high quality and personalized instruction.”

Stand for Children Indiana strongly supports this bill, which passed unanimously, on January 9, and is on its way to Ways and Means*. We will keep you updated through the legislative session! If you want more details on legislation that could impact the classroom, sign up for our insider newsletter here.


*HB 1008 went to Ways and Means on January 17 and passed. It will go to full House for consideration next. 

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