What does the IPS school board do?

Elections | 08/20/2020

Sherry Holmes
IPS Parent

An effective school board plays a vital role in helping keep local schools on track. School board members oversee the annual budget, approve the academic calendar, determine the required curriculum and manage construction and contracts with outside vendors. They also play a key role in ensuring schools are equitable.

This year, for example, the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Board of School Commissioners voted to open schools virtually to protect students, adopted a racial equity mindset policy, voted to turn around a few of the district’s most struggling schools and approved record-breaking raises for teachers. These are only a few instances of the countless important decisions in the hands of IPS board members. I have personally spoken to the school board on several of these issues over the last year. Some of the policies and plans they vote on are controversial, but all of the choices they make impact students like mine and determine if they will have access to a high quality, equitable education or not.

This November, voters who live within IPS boundaries will have an opportunity to vote for IPS board members. These positions, which will likely appear at the bottom of your ballot, are pivotal to the futures of thousands of youth in our city. If you aren’t sure if you’re registered to vote, check now and then register if you haven’t already.

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