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Who We Are | 01/10/2019

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

Kimberly Dickerson, newly hired Organizer for Stand for Children Indiana, believes that every parent wants a great education for their children.

“It’s our right to expect it,” Dickerson said, “They just need help understanding how to make it happen and Stand for Children is the ONLY non-profit making that happen in Indianapolis.” 

Originally from Anderson, Ind., Dickerson spent seven years at General Motors before finding her purpose and discovering her love for children. Most recently, Kimberly served as the Parent Involvement Educator (PIE) for IPS schools, where her role was parent engagement.  During that time, she met a lot of parents from all walks of life in many different circumstances. As a mom who has had challenging circumstances herself, she’s living proof that circumstances don’t have to be excuses.

“Circumstances can be your REASON,” she said.

She is the proud basketball mom of an amazing college freshman, Bennie, and the taste-testing mom to a phenomenal 7th grade chef-in-the-making, Korynn. Beyond cooking with her “pretty brown girl,” she loves acting, singing and reading for pleasure.

After just a few months on the job, Dickerson loves working for Stand Indiana because she enjoys meeting the parents, hearing their stories and finding a way to empower them in their lives.

Dickerson believes parents should never stop learning how to be the best parent for their child(ren)!

“Take classes. Attend workshops. Connect with parents you admire. Never stop learning,” she said.

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