We need all schools to be great schools

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals | 02/18/2019

LaPorsha Mitchell
Parent Advocate

I have three children that attend Phalen Leadership Academy, grades Kindergarten, Second and Third. My children have only attended this school for a few months, and I have already noticed their growth. They are more engaged now than ever. The homework they send home challenges my kids, and me as a parent, to sit down with them and make sure that they do it every day. The reading logs they send home keep my children accountable…they must read and document it themselves, not only the title and author, but what the book was about.

They are growing and they want to go to school every day. The teachers at PLA are more in-tuned to what my children are needing, and communicating with me on a regular basis. I get phone calls regarding my child’s needs and not just for bad behavior. I feel a good connection between me and my children and the teachers. These teachers really work to build strong relationships with each child. My children are excited for what they will learn at PLA every school day.

Failing IPS schools could use a model like the one at PLA. Schools that aren’t doing well need to be improved. We need ALL schools to be great schools that grow our children. Education shapes our children and each child in IPS deserves a great school with great teachers. 

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