Dontia Dyson
IPS Parent

Watch these videos to learn why I believe the time is now to act for a more just and equitable IPS. We can do this together, and I hope you’ll join me by adding your name today.

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If you missed it, I also spoke to the IPS board at the end of April. I am taking a stand for my children and for all the children of the district because equity is important, and I think we can do this if we all come together.

Before my daughter went to an IPS school, she was in a different district. It was a predominately white school and she didn’t like it. Kids treated her differently and she didn’t have friends. This is one of the many reasons I was so happy to see the racial equity policy and Black Lives Matter resolution passed. As a part of the parent committee who wrote the vision for a more just and equitable district and submitted it to you back in March, I hope that you plan to update that equity policy as well as the strategic plan to include our recommendations. While there are a lot of great things about IPS, not all schools are created equal and not all schools are getting the same results for Black and Brown kids. 

So, even with the good intentions of these policies, there are discipline issues in this district. Kids like mine shouldn’t be at a greater risk of being suspended or expelled. Kids like mine should have teachers they can relate to.  

I remember the first Black teacher I had and she made a huge difference in my life. This board needs to update the equity policy and strategic plan set clear, and very specific goals for growing the number of teachers of color in the district. Kids like mine will benefit from it.  

I don’t have a lot of issues with my daughter’s school. But I see the district as a whole and not every schools is doing right by our kids. Please don’t just read our document, act on it. I want to see policies passed and the strategic plan updated with clear goals that are trackable and transparent. I have a godchild who is in the third grade at Matchbook learning. I want to see referendum dollars shared with schools like the one she attends. Innovation schools are still IPS schools and not sharing referendum funding with them is unequitable.  Every school and every kid in this district will benefit from a more just and equitable system.  

 Thank you for your time.  

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