The time to act on teacher pay is now

Current Events & News, Teachers & Principals | 12/10/2018

Justin Ohlemiller

An IPS parent whose elementary student has had multiple teachers in one school year.

A teacher who has had to manage combined classes with 50 plus students because the school is short-staffed.

An educator who has had to rely on Go-Fund-Me contributions to pay a utility bill.

These are real stories in our community, impacting parents, educators and – most importantly –  students. These stories are directly rooted in a crisis that is at our state’s doorstep – the fact we don’t have nearly enough quality teachers entering or staying in the profession. 

It will be a priority this legislative session for our organization to work with state leaders to elevate the teaching profession, which is arguably the most important career in our society. Teachers are future builders, and they deserve to be respected at the same level as other critical professions. And they need to be compensated fairly and at a level that reflects their importance.

We appreciate the fact that key leaders in the Indiana General Assembly and Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb have recently indicated the critical need to tackle the issue of teacher compensation and elevating the profession. We look forward to working with Statehouse leaders to meaningfully address this challenge.  

We can’t wait to act because Hoosier children are counting on all us to come together to ensure our schools can attract and retain the best teachers.

If you believe we need to elevate teachers and address how much we pay those serving in this most valuable profession, then share this post and invite others to advocate for this cause as the legislative session begins in January.  

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