Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

After a survey asking the Indianapolis community what they hope to see in the next IPS superintendent, Stand Indiana has found that an overwhelming 72% of respondents believe IPS should hire a candidate who has had success working with student populations similar to the demographics in IPS and someone who knows Indianapolis. Very few respondents wanted the IPS board to find someone from out of town.

But the survey didn’t stop at asking how to find the next IPS Superintendent. We also asked Indianapolis parents, teachers, administrators and taxpayers what they believed should be the top three priorities for the next superintendent.

The majority, just over 65%, wanted the next IPS Superintendent to focus on ensuring there are great schools in all parts of IPS, not just areas serving the most privileged families. And 50% asked the next in line to dramatically improve schools that have long struggled in offering a quality education. The third most desired priority, with 36%, wanted to see the next superintendent increase access to career education and training in our high schools.

The community has spoken. They want someone who represents a diverse student population and knows Indianapolis and they want someone to ensure all neighborhoods in Indianapolis have a great school, not just the areas serving privileged families.

If you agree, send an email to the IPS board asking that they listen to the community during this important search process and choose a superintendent who has experience teaching diverse student populations like IPS and cares about each school and each student.

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