Students like mine need additional funding

Legislation | 03/24/2021

Marilu Berganza

Schools need more money to support students like mine, which is why I want to see our state increase funding for districts serving students in poverty, students with special needs and students who are learning English.

My second-grader has an IEP and is an English Language Learner. He’s always experienced challenges because of language barriers.  

Just last month for a snow day, I waited outside in the cold with my son for the bus. We waited for 30 minutes because I was notified too late and didn’t receive communication in Spanish. I was worried he would get sick and I was really upset that I didn’t know it would be a virtual learning day.  

Virtual learning itself has challenges. While other English-speaking parents can talk to the teachers and form a relationship, I cannot. I do talk to my son’s special education teacher more, but the relationships I have are limited. It is a huge barrier to my son’s success.  

When I call the office at my son’s school, there is no longer someone bilingual. There used to be, but that person is now a teacher. They try to have the two bilingual teachers answer our calls, but often they are teaching. The bilingual staff is stretched thin and I think this is likely the case at most schools serving high populations of ELL students.

I worry about my son, but also all students who are learning English as a second language.  I worry kids, just like my son, won’t get what they need to be able to graduate and attend college or get a good job.

I want our state leaders to be thoughtful and ensure districts have the funds needed to give students like mine the same opportunities as everyone else. My son deserves a great education.

If you agree that our state leaders need to invest more in ELL and boost funds for children with additional needs, please send an email today. It only takes a minute to email legislators using this form, and your voices can help make sure schools in our state get the funds they need to support children like mine.

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