Staying healthy and active this school year

Parent & Family Engagement | 08/07/2019

Erin Browne
Operations Coordinator

With school starting up again, it can be challenging to find ways to ensure your children are staying healthy and active. Going from months of camps and hours spent outdoors to a school routine can be challenging, but there are still plenty of ways that you can set your children up for success by easing the transition from summertime to school.

To keep the excitement of summer going into the school year, consider signing your child up for extracurriculars and clubs. Get a feel for what opportunities are available by talking with the staff at your child’s school or check out nearby community centers and organizations. Participating in new activities can spark a sense of excitement and provide chances to make new friends, develop new interests, and have a little fun!

Making play a part of your child’s daily routine is also a great way to ease them into the school year. Aim to keep physical activity on the calendar so that your child has a chance to unwind and decompress after a day spent focusing in the classroom. Include the whole family in order to help create a habit that sticks. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park and talk about your day or find a fun video online and dance around the living room together. 

Creating delicious healthy meals can also help a child settle into the school year. Including your child in meal planning is another great way to get them involved and interested in healthy eating habits. Ask your child what their favorite fruits and vegetables are, then spend time together looking up fun and kid-friendly recipes that they can help prepare. Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, either! Looking into local farmers markets, community gardens, or even planting a small family garden can provide less expensive alternatives to the grocery store. Don’t have space for a garden outside? No problem! Vegetables like lettuces and tomatoes, as well as herbs, require only a windowsill and some water to flourish.

Starting back into the routine of school can feel daunting, especially amid the blur of summer. Ease into the school year; don’t feel pressured to do all these things at once! Making one small step per day, per week, or even per month can have a lasting impact on your family.


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