Stand Indiana Welcomes Kayla Mattas

Current Events & News | 01/25/2019

Brieanna Quinn
Director of Marketing, Communications and Development

Stand Indiana welcomes Kayla Mattas as the newly hired Marketing and Communications Manager. Mattas comes from both a marketing and journalism background and has worked on a wide-variety of things, from augmented reality to the life sciences.

As a Crown Hill resident and mother of a not-quite-four-year-old who was born deaf in one ear and currently attends IPS #67, Mattas found herself becoming passionate about advocating for her child and wanting to make positive changes for IPS schools.

The day her son, Langston, was born the nurse informed Mattas that her son failed his hearing test and needed further evaluation with an ENT.

“The nurse seemed to expect me to breakdown or be sad by the news,” Mattas said, “But the only thing I knew for sure was that my son was already being told he was failing and to me he was perfect and his hearing (or lack of) didn’t change his perfection or abilities.”

From the moment her son was born, Mattas knew she and her husband were his number one advocates. As she proceeded to advocate for her son while setting up his 504, which she fought to turn into an IEP, she suddenly realized her true calling. She wanted to use her marketing experience to advocate for children. She wanted all children, regardless of zip-code, race or ability to have a great school and a great education.

“When I found the position at Stand for Children Indiana, I knew it was a perfect fit,” she said, “and since starting, I am thrilled to work for an organization filled with talented people who are all so passionate about improving the learning landscape in Indiana. In such a short time, I’ve already witnessed the power of parents and advocates coming together to help better the education of children.”



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