She Will Stand up for Kids Like Mine

Access to High-Quality Schools, Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 06/19/2019

Shawanda Tyson
IPS Parent Advocate

I am the mother of two children; one whom attends Ignite Achievement Academy. I am also a product of IPS. Because I care deeply about the future of this district, I support Aleesia Johnson for the full-time role of superintendent.

If it were not for Aleesia’s leadership in IPS as the innovation officer, I don’t believe my son, Marell, would be getting the support and quality education he’s getting at Ignite. Marell has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and I was told years ago he would likely never academically perform on grade level. Thanks to the Ignite team, Marell has excelled beyond my wildest dreams.

It was Aleesia Johnson who had the courage and leadership to bring a new model and approach to my son’s school, which was struggling for many years. This showed me she’s willing to make difficult decisions that are in the best interests of our children.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Aleesia Johnson in her other roles in IPS. In my experience, she’s transparent and honest. When I’ve approached her with questions, she’s told me honest answers, and she took the time to explain reasons behind decisions she’s made. I also appreciate the fact she’s a good listener. She cares about what parents think. She values our input.  

As the mother of a special needs child, I want the next superintendent to truly value and appreciate our students with IEPs. They are a major part of IPS, and they are capable of truly great things. They just need love, support and the right academic models. I know Aleesia Johnson will stand up for students like Marell, and she will ensure IPS is a district that focuses on inclusion and meeting the needs of every student who walks in the doors of our IPS schools.

She’s proven she’s ready for the job. That proof, to me, comes from the success my son is having today in IPS.

IPS board members will soon decide on the district’s next leader. Ensure your voice is heard!  

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