Lena Dickerson
IPS Parent Advocate

I am an IPS parent and an IPS graduate and I support Aleesia Johnson removing the interim from her title.

I support Aleesia Johnson because I believe she has our kids’ best interests at heart. She is the best candidate for this job not only because she has done it for three months, but because she has worked at different levels in our schools and she has a unique viewpoint. She sees from the teacher, parent and admin perspectives. Because she sees the different barriers in place, she knows how we can overcome them.

I believe this woman cares. I think she, instead of being a voice for adults, has been a voice for our scholars. That is what is most important to me at the end of the day. She understands they are all individuals. And she sees them as that. She’s done a great job as interim.

Aleesia understands what IPS is now, and what it can be in the future.

I want the next superintendent to understand innovation and other school models, and the growth it can create. I don’t want the next superintendent to fear change.  We need someone who wants to upgrade and update the IPS models. They don’t have to be innovation, let’s cater to all our students.

Aleesia is a woman with power and what gives her power is her ability to listen. She listens to the parents, the staff, the community. If the person in power doesn’t use those voices in a positive way, their power becomes wasted!

I want every scholar in IPS to be awarded the same opportunities. We need a leader like Alessia Johnson, someone who wants to see all IPS kids to the finish line, not just some. I believe she doesn’t just see the change, but wants to be the change!

IPS board members will soon decide on the district’s next leader. Ensure your voice is heard!  

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