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Current Events & News | 05/04/2022

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Director

May has kicked off with a very special week all about appreciating our amazing educators. Stand Indiana has been sharing videos on Facebook and Twitter from a few educators. They are revealing not only why they love being educators and advocates for their students, but also words of inspiration for their fellow teachers.


  • If you’re a teacher—share a video or comment to tell us why you love being a teacher, like Sophie. You can even highlight another teacher like Sarah did.
  • If you’re a parent, student or community member—share a video or post about why you appreciate teachers. Do you have a story about an educator who changed your life? Do you have a great idea for appreciating teachers you want to share?

I love stories about how educators change lives. Will you share your story? Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Twitter if you do. I would love to read them!

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