Resolutions to make a difference

Who We Are | 12/31/2018

Brieanna Quinn
Director of Marketing, Communications and Development

We’ve all been there – it’s December 31st and you make a resolution you likely won’t keep. Two years ago, I resolved to lose weight…then a colleague brought in chocolate to the office. That resolution lasted a week. Last year, it was journaling every day…and then I had a couple of busy days and chose sleeping over writing. That resolution lasted a month.

This year, I am focused on resolutions that I know I can keep. Resolutions that will make a difference in the lives of thousands of children in our city’s most struggling neighborhoods.

Please give today so we can keep fighting for children tomorrow.

With my Stand Indiana colleagues, we are resolving to partner with parents to support their children’s education, advocate for programs that will make a positive impact in the classroom and elevate the teaching profession so that our future builders are respected at the same level as other professions. Our motivation to keep these resolutions comes from you – the dedicated parents, community members, and partners who power this work.


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