Replicating Successful School Models Makes Sense

Access to High-Quality Schools, Early Childhood Education, Parent & Family Engagement | 06/15/2018

LaToya Tahirou
IPS Parent Advocate

LaToya Tahirou is a parent volunteer and parent representative on Stand for Children Indiana's advisory board.

I live on the far eastside. The neighborhood school that my children would feed into is IPS #103, which is in its 3rd year of innovation.

My oldest, LaMya started at #103 during that first year of innovation. 103 had several years of failure prior to becoming an innovation public school.

Had there been no change, I’m sure the school would still be failing.

As a parent I’d like to see the quality schools that serve the demographics that match my neighborhood replicated. I have looked at data, toured schools and been involved in meetings, all in an effort to do my part in breaking down the opportunity gaps that exist in the IPS school system.

Let the process be child drive and not politically driven. When a school’s program is successful, let’s move to replicate and give more kids the chance to succeed.

Why do certain IPS schools, which are predominantly a Caucasian population, thrive when schools with the opposite demographic continually fail? There are successful models that can be adopted and replicated for every student and demographic.

Why are we not replicating our successful schools? Please explain this to me?

I will continue to do my part in learning, understanding and researching policies, procedures, politics and business that is the IPS school system.

I am in this for the long haul, Lord willing, to do my part to ensure that all children have access to a first-class education.

Access to quality educational opportunities is a crucial key in transforming a child’s future outcomes. Assuring that every IPS student has an equal opportunity and access to a quality education could very well save them from a life of poverty, systematic oppression and a history of historic trauma and create a bright & successful future.

To achieve that, replicating our best schools and the most effective curriculum is the right step in the right direction.


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