Reading and speech with Kim’s snickerdoodles

Parent & Family Engagement | 12/13/2018

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

Kimberly Dickerson, Stand for Children Indiana Organizer, believes all children can develop a love for reading. Because her daughter loves to bake, Dickerson challenges her to read recipes. In order to bake—she must read the recipes and even learn the math and science of a recipe before she can get in the kitchen.

“I don’t care if it is a video game, cooking, cars or doing makeup. Center what your child reads around the things they love,” she said.

Dickerson went on to say that beyond having her daughter read the recipes, she used the baking process as a way for her daughter to practice her public speaking and speech skills. As her daughter was nervous about presenting to her college readiness class, Dickerson asked her to use this snickerdoodle recipe as a tool for giving a speech.

“I asked my daughter to recite the recipe instructions as she baked the cookies and after we were finished, her nerves had settled. She felt confident in her ability to present to her class,” Dickerson said.

Download Kim’s recipe, click here.

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