Not just anyone can be a teacher

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement, Teachers & Principals | 02/06/2019

Shawanda Tyson
Parent Advocate

My son’s third grade teacher worked two jobs. At one point I remember her saying she had a disconnection of her utilities, her husband was on a heart machine and she left school every day and had to go to another job to support her family.

When you look at a job like Walmart, where I work, I wouldn’t think of a high paying job. But I always thought teachers would be rich and have a lot of money because they do a lot of work. Not just anyone can do what they do.

This year when my son’s teacher left, the school went through three to four temporary teachers over almost two months until they could fill the position with one of the subs. If they were able to pay the teachers more, this position would have been filled a lot sooner. It was a complete disruption to my son’s education to have no single teacher for almost two months. 

My son, Marell, he doesn’t do great with transitions. He’s autistic and we love Ignite Achievement Academy at Elder W. Diggs IPS #42, they are doing all they can for my son. His new teacher, I talk with her every day. I’m sure she talks to all the parents every day. I know how hard it is to be a special education teacher. She deserves more than what they can offer her, all teachers do.

Many teachers don’t want kids like mine in their class. Ignite has done a good job of making sure my son has a quality education. His new teacher works hard to maintain contact with us parents and she notices things and informs me. She has given my son a place of security and a sense of belonging. What kinds of a price tag can you put on that?

If you think teachers deserve more and deserve to be a priority now, please email Indiana statehouse leaders and stand with me.

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