Keep standing with me

Parent & Family Engagement | 12/28/2018

Jennifer Reed
Stand UP Graduate

Brayden, my 7-year-old-son, my everything, my starbright, he attends Matchbook Learning IPS 63. Walking into my first Stand University for Parents (Stand UP) class, I didn’t realize so many schools in IPS were failing. I didn’t know how to advocate for him in a way that got results. I didn’t realize I wasn’t listening to him and speaking to him in a way that would help me change behaviors I didn’t want to see.

Stand for Children Indiana gave me the opportunity to see how I have been communicating with my son and taught me how to improve that. It also showed me how to create a good relationship with Brayden’s teacher. I’m able to talk with his teacher now about where he sits in the room, moving him to a spot he is more likely to participate, talk to her about better ways to calm him on tough days.

But more than anything, Stand for Children empowered my voice. I learned that we, as parents, can have a voice, more of a voice than we thought we had. If we don’t stand, who is going to? Somebody gotta stand. I hope you’ll keep standing with me. I hope you’ll support Stand for Children Indiana so they can continue to help IPS parents like me.

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