As a single mom, I often work two or three jobs at a time just to make ends meet and create a good quality of life for my boys. With all of this on my plate, I’m still taking the time to advocate for equity across the IPS district.

Just recently, a group of us delivered over 1200 signatures to IPS leaders that support our vision for a more just and equitable IPS. Read our vision here.

I appreciate that district leaders have taken some steps recently to set bold goals aimed at closing the opportunity gap, but I do know that there is more work to be done. I’m going to keep pushing for my boys and for all the other babies in this district who deserve to have an equitable education. I hope you’ll join me.


My children attend an innovation school that did not receive operating funds from the referendum that was passed in 2018.  My children are still a part of the IPS family. I pay taxes and voted for IPS because I believed it would benefit my children, their school, and their teachers. It bothers me that these funds that I voted for were not shared with all school types. I hope to see the district share referenda dollars with my children’s school and all the schools that have not yet received their fair share.

Beyond equitably funding schools, there are families in this district who are left out of decisions because of language barriers. We have to be intentional about communication with all parents in this district, not just the ones who speak English. I want the district to pass a language justice policy.

I’m taking a stand for a better more equitable IPS because I believe we have an opportunity to change the path that our students are on. We have the opportunity to end systemic racism and partner with district leaders in a more meaningful way than ever before. But I can’t do any of it alone. Please email district leaders today and ask them to equitably fund schools and support language justice. It only takes a minute, but it matters a lot to parents like me. Thank you.




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