LaToya Tahirou 

Next Thursday, the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners will hold a very important vote to share the 2018 operating referendum funds with schools who have yet to receive their fair share.  

I am speaking at the agenda review session ahead of the Thursday vote because I believe that all schools, regardless of their type, need equitable resources poured into them to allow our children to thrive.  

Kids who come from communities with the greatest disparities need even more poured into them. Because of the barriers they face, this district must level the playing field and ensure no school is underfunded because they have not benefited from the operating referendum.  

I am taking a stand because I have seen the overwhelming show of community support and vocal parents who would like equity in our district, which includes school funding.  

I am speaking up because while I’m thrilled to see teacher compensation increasing, I know these increases need to happen across the district. I am hopeful sharing the operating referendum funds can begin to make that happen.  

If you agree, please email IPS leaders today

We need teachers across our entire family of schools to be attracted and retained. We need all teachers under this district umbrella to make livable wages because it does show up in our classrooms.  

I want schools that not only keep our kids on grade level, but advance them, challenge them and prepare them for life. This only happens when our schools our fully supported, which includes fully supporting all of our educators and staff.  

I’m personally driven to do this work by the thought that one day every child at every school in this district will get the excellent education they deserve. Please join me and email IPS leaders before they vote this Thursday. Our collective voices can make a difference.

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