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Access to High-Quality Schools, Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 03/22/2022

LaToya Hale Tahirou
Parent and Advocate

Because there are public schools in Indianapolis that close the opportunity gap and prove all children can succeed with the right supports, the question parents like me are asking is no longer “can Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) create schools that close the opportunity gap and provide excellent results for all students regardless of their background?”

Instead, we’re asking “when is IPS going to replicate schools that we know can work, and decrease the opportunity gaps currently distressing the district?” Parents like me want IPS leaders to research public schools of all types, even schools outside the current IPS district, and deliver a plan to grow those models that close the opportunity gap.


The more of us who take on the collective responsibility to ensure our children have the opportunities to thrive in our public schools, the more likely schools and programs that work are implemented and begin to repair the history of systemic oppression that perpetuates the social divide.

If you care about kids getting left behind, I hope you’ll join me and email IPS leaders today.  All of us should care that only 3% of Black students in grades 3-8 are proficient in ELA and math and that there are nearby schools with similar student populations that close the opportunity gap.

IPS has made moves to begin to close opportunity gaps, but they haven’t delivered a plan to “grow what works” for our kids. I want to see that change.


I have three school-aged children and I am at a hopeful place in their educational journey. 

While I’m sad to say I feel like I failed my oldest daughter who is a Junior in high school because we hopped around schools to find a good fit, my two youngest children are rooted at a good school. Paramount closes the opportunity gap and can equip them with the high-quality education that will prepare them for their future. 

I want to see Indianapolis Public School (IPS) replicate schools like the one my children attend because I care about all kids and I see this issue as a responsibility we all have to shoulder. I want them to research which schools close the opportunity gap because it shouldn’t be this hard to find a quality school.

Too many kids aren’t receiving a quality education and that is denying them of a future with economic security.  

My hope is that other parents don’t have to hop around to find a quality school the way I had to with my oldest daughter. My hope is that IPS grows schools, of all types, that can provide all kids a great and first-class education – the type of education my youngest children are now receiving at Paramount. 

Access to quality educational opportunities is a crucial key in transforming a child’s future outcomes. Assuring that every student in this district has an equitable opportunity and access to a quality education could very well save them from a life of poverty, systematic oppression and a history of historic trauma.

You can email the board with one click by filling out some basic information on this page. It’s so important that IPS leaders hear from as many of us as possible.

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