IPS should grow schools that work

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 04/14/2022

Lettera Anderson
IPS parent

Though my school-aged daughters are close in age, they need completely different things and attend different schools. One of my daughters attends an IPS school and the other doesn’t.  

No matter their school, I know my involvement matters which is why I was one of the leaders who helped write the parent vision for a more just and equitable IPS that was submitted to IPS leaders in March of 2021. I believe in this plan and helped gather some of the over 1200 signatures on the parent petitions that were given to IPS leaders in July 2021. 

Part of the plan asked this district to grow local schools that have dramatically improved results for kids of color. I would like to see this part of the plan acted on quickly.  

Those schools in Indianapolis that close the gaps, they are a blessing. For those schools that don’t close it, I just say, these are kids who deserve better.

We should be following the lead of schools that close it.  

We should be bringing more schools and programs into the district that are doing well for our kids. We shouldn’t have failing schools.   

All kids are capable. All kids can pass these tests. But not all schools are equally preparing our kids. I want IPS leaders to make sure we bring in schools to the district that are closing the opportunity gap, challenging our kids, and providing them with the education they deserve. 

I would love to see high quality schools that close the opportunity gap in every part of our city to make sure all kids have a great school to attend. I would love to see all our schools have the resources and support—the counselors, nurses, and quality teachers that our kids need to get the education they deserve.   

I believe great schools are an investment in our children’s futures. I hope that you’ll join me in asking IPS leaders to grow schools that close the gap.

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