Swantella Nelson
IPS Parent

 As a Black IPS mom, equity is important to me. I need to know my children will get the best education the district can offer, and right now, all IPS parents need to know that progress is being made. We need to be a part of the conversation and we need IPS leaders to take action if we want to make the district equitable.

Equity is not the same as equality. I don’t think every IPS child needs the same things. I think every IPS child should be given what they need to succeed.

The effects of systemic racism have caused many of our students to start the “monopoly game” 10 turns behind their peers. I don’t want my children to grow up in a world where they don’t have same opportunities to achieve their dreams as anyone else. If you agree, please join me and email IPS leaders today.


Right now, there’s a high rate of discipline disparities, poor test scores, and low graduation rates in schools that serve Black and Brown students. This isn’t equity. 

We also face teacher turnover and a lack of Black and Brown staff, which is valuable for our children. This isn’t equity either.

But if the IPS board takes action to make strides towards measurable goals of achieving equity, we can become a better community where all our children know they have the same chances to succeed as anyone else.

I know this mission is possible because some schools in Indianapolis, both IPS schools and schools outside of this district, are seeing Black and Brown students like mine do just as well as white students. I believe this district can get to the bottom of the problems so our kids can succeed if we work together, which is why I hope you’ll email IPS leaders and ask them to create bold goals for a more just and equitable district.

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