IPS 48 isn’t the school I remember

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 03/18/2020

Tranitra Tipton
IPS Parent

I have a deep connection with Louis B. Russell, Jr. School 48 (IPS 48) because as a child, I attended this school from kindergarten through fifth grade. My teachers were very much involved. I had hands-on learning and ongoing support. I remember the names of many staff members because they had a positive impact on my life.  

When I began to have my own family, my two children were enrolled in IPS 48 as well. I was excited for my children to attend my childhood school until I realized that it was no longer the same school that I went to. There was a lack of communication with the parents from office support, culture issues and even a change in how my children were acting and feeling.

Because of the issues and not getting answers, I pulled my children from IPS 48 after just a year.

I heard that the school could be an innovation school next year. I believe the innovation school program is the best avenue to lay a solid foundation for the kids there. I recently toured a Phalen Leadership Academy (PLA) location because I was interested in what IPS 48 could be with real changes. I was so impressed with PLA. I would put my kids in one of their schools without hesitation. 

I agree with the potential restart for IPS 48 because just like sending my kids somewhere else gave them a better opportunity, I believe PLA can offer the kids still at IPS 48 a better education than they are getting today.

It’s not all about what’s wrong at this point, it’s about making improvements for the kids in this building and providing more love and care to students. It is about making sure they have trained teachers, special education programs and one on one time for struggling students who need it. These kids all deserve a chance and I think they can get one if they have the care PLA can offer.




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