I trust Venita Moore

Elections | 10/20/2020

Sherry Holmes
IPS Parent

I trust that Venita Moore will work to make all IPS schools great.

At some schools in the district—kids are getting everything they need. But in other schools—they are struggling. There is a lot to address with the opportunity gap and making sure all IPS kids get an equitable and high-quality education. This is one of the reasons it’s so important you vote if you haven’t already. It’s just as important that you vote for IPS board members.

My passion for making sure the district doesn’t have this gap of academic achievement between Black and Brown kids and white kids is one of the main reasons I am supporting Venita Moore for the IPS board seat in District 2. Venita agrees with parents like me, IPS needs creative solutions that give our children opportunities! We have to consider schools and methods that are producing outcomes that positively empower and impact our children.

I shouldn’t have to know what the opportunity gap is, I should just know all schools have equitable results for all kids and I trust that Venita Moore will fight for kids like mine. I trust that she will end inequitable suspensions and expulsions. I trust she will make sure the district acts on its racial equity policy. I trust that she will listen to parents like me and take the steps needed to turn around the schools that are failing Black and Brown children.

Every school in the district should be equitable, should offer our kids a great education. This election will play a huge role in determining if that happens. If you haven’t already voted and you live in District 2, don’t turn in your ballot until you’ve selected her name.

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