I support Teacher pay raises

Teachers & Principals | 01/15/2019

Jocelyn Allen
Parent Advocate

I was actively involved in the efforts to pass the IPS referendum through Stand for Children Indiana. Over the summer and early fall, I knocked on more than 5,000 doors, walking hundreds of miles to make sure the referenda passed so that teachers received these much-deserved raises.

My kids and all kids deserve a great teacher in every classroom. And I want those teachers to stick around. Being out there supporting the teachers and letting them know they are supported by the community is important to me.

From my own past, I remember 6th grade at school #87, I had Mr. Doyle. Everybody remembers him. In 5th grade, everyone wanted to be in Mr. Doyle’s class ‘cause the other class just wasn’t hoppin’ like his. Anytime you succeeded or showed any kind of achievement, he gave you a Snickers bar. He called it brain food. We strived for those Snickers bars. Anyone in the class, was honored to be there.  This past summer I attended my 20-year reunion and all the adults who had Mr. Doyle went on to do great things in our community. Good teachers can change a community and build leaders.

I want teachers like Mr. Doyle for my 13-year-old daughter, Jalyn. I want to maintain good teachers like Mr. Doyle for my baby, Jaxon. I wish there would have been more teachers like Mr. Doyle for my oldest son, John.

Luckily, my daughter Jayln had the opportunity to attend Ignite Achievement Academy at Elder Diggs IPS 42. The whole environment was a breath of fresh air and my daughter loved going to school. I believe it is the teachers that made her so excited to go to school. So please do all you can to retain these excellent educators by providing them with meaningful raises.

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