I Support This Innovation School

Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 02/12/2019

Dontia’ Dyson
IPS Parent Advocate

I have two daughters at Matchbook Learning, IPS School 63, and I support this innovation school.

When my younger daughter arrived at IPS 63 two years ago, she was several years behind in reading. She was reading at a Kindergarten level. She’s now in 4th grade and reading at a fifth-grade level. She’s reading chapter books, something she never did before. As a parent, I can’t put a price tag on this.

Just from last year, before the change to Matchbook, I have seen the curriculum improve at this school. It is more academically challenging, and I see my daughters learning more.

The teachers have been great to both of my 10-year-old daughters, letting them take books home. I like the diversity at this school, I agree with the discipline policies and I feel informed as a parent. The school notifies me for everything that happens, even just if the bus is going to be late. Matchbook has helped me and helped my daughters and I support schools like this one.

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