I nominate Brianna Blackmon

Teachers & Principals | 05/23/2019

Alicia Nelson
URBAN ACT parent

Where can I start! My son started school last year for the first time as a kindergarten student and was assigned to Miss Blackmon’s class. What I love about Miss Blackmon is that she created a partnership with me to ensure my son Aden was progressing in places where he was behind in learning.

Miss Blackmon would take time to make me flash cards one week. The next week she would remind me to practice on my son’s recognition of letters and numbers. She always knew and listened to my concerns and expressed her own concerns about Aden. She held me accountable if Aden missed any school, and would send text messages to make sure he was okay.

 Holidays can get hard for me and what really brought me to tears was last Christmas.  Miss Blackmon had been hearing Aden ask for snacks and she took it upon herself to ask each of my other children what snacks they liked. Miss Blackmon left school after dismissal and came back with over 10 bags of snacks that she purchased with her own money. My son needed a book bag and she went and purchased him one.

I’m just amazed at all she has done when I never asked. She saw the need and she stepped in and encouraged me through Aden’s kindergarten journey. Not only that, but during the teacher parent conferences,  I  could always open up to her about a few personal things in my life. She did nothing but encourage me and share some of her own background with me. It’s nice to have teachers who cares, goes above and beyond, and gives you the extra listening ear when times are hard for a single parent.

I’m honored to write these words to nominate her.


URBAN ACT Academy Principal, Nigena Livingston, said the following about Brianna Blackmon:

“Kindergarten can be a tough grade to teach but even as a first year teacher, Ms. Blackmon makes it look easy.  Her kids are really excited to be in her classroom learning and you can tell she truly loves her students.  In addition to building a strong rapport with her students she has also built a strong bond this year with her students' families.  Usually, when parents  request a meeting with me or want to talk with me they have a concern or a challenge however, in Ms. Blackmon's case, parents stop me to tell me how much they love Ms. Blackmon and how she is a wonderful teacher.  We are very happy to have her working with us this year.”

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  • Briana Blackmon is truly a blessing.
    Edna Speaks

    May 24, 2019 11:44 AM

  • It’s the good teachers that make the real difference in the learning process. When one goes above and beyond, well, you’ve really got something there.
    Joyce Herron Taylor

    May 24, 2019 3:18 PM

  • I would like to send my nomination for Urban Act Academy teacher Ms Brianna Blackmon
    Lauren Peterson

    May 25, 2019 3:30 AM

  • Your such an awesome teacher good job on your work and making our children progress and keeping them ready and making learning fun.
    Patrice wilson

    May 26, 2019 6:51 AM