I’m telling my friends to vote Kenneth Allen

Elections | 10/22/2020

Cassa Moore
IPS Parent

A lot of my friends are also IPS parents and agree that not all schools are setup with enough behavioral supports. My son gets bored and needs to be more challenged. I am telling my friends to vote for Kenneth Allen because I think he will listen to parents and make sure our kids aren’t just written off as bad kids.

Beyond having a child in IPS, I graduated from IPS and I have a brother in the district. I want what is best for all students. It’s important to me that Kenneth Allen is elected because he has three things in his top priorities that I really support; developing career pathways for kids, making sure our kids have needed social and emotional supports and bringing more teachers of color to the district.

All these things are important to me because I want my son to have options when he gets to high school and I want my younger brother at Crispus Attucks to have more opportunities now.

It’s important to me because I have witnessed young children suspended in IPS schools and that is unacceptable to me. I trust Kenneth to make sure our schools have the social and emotional supports they need to help our kids cope and keep them in the classroom.

It’s important to me because I am Black. My son is Black and he needs more teachers that look like him, that he can relate to. Kenneth Allen wants to bring more diverse teachers to our district. For me, this is a step towards creating a culture of acceptance.

If you haven’t voted already, it’s really important that you do. It is just as important that you completely fill out your ballot and vote for school board candidates that will promote equity, like Kenneth Allen will.

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