Earl Scott
IPS Parent and Stand Indiana fellow

My son is in the 6th grade. At his school only two children passed ILEARN. I am truly disgusted. It’s not right.

What is this school doing if only two kids passed? It is not acceptable. Every time I tell this story to people, they are in awe. Why is this happening in our school district, and what can we do to change it?

I dug into the data and found there are some big racial disparities within our school district for kids who passed ILEARN and those who didn’t; 32% of white kids in Indianapolis Public Schools passed both portions, yet only 7% of black students did the same.

It’s really sad that in most schools it is the kids who look like mine who are far less likely to pass than white children. This isn’t the kids’ fault. As someone who has experienced being profiled, I know that my children having an education is what can set them apart—it’s what will give them the futures they deserve and desire.

We learn through everyone else’s stories --- please learn from mine and answer this question.

Next year, my son won’t go to the same school. And if I would have known there was such racial injustice happening, I would have pulled him out of his current school sooner.

I recently toured Paramount School of Excellence, a school where nearly all students, regardless of their race, are passing standardized tests. It’s my hope that my son will attend this school next year.

I recognized differences between my son’s school and Paramount almost immediately on my tour. Paramount makes sure kids stay in the classroom. They have dedicated a lot of resources and extra staff to ensure that kids are on the right track and being challenged. If a child is being disruptive in class, they don’t just send them home. They take steps to keep that child learning while also getting the dedicated attention they need.

I don’t believe my kids are getting the same quality of education as their white peers, and I want to do something about it. Before I can do anything, I need to know I am not alone.

By answering just one question, you can show that you’re standing with me and other concerned families.  

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