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Access to High-Quality Schools, Parent & Family Engagement | 12/29/2019

Shawanda Tyson
IPS parent and Stand Fellow

I am really concerned that black and brown children who attend Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) aren’t getting the same opportunities as white children. I don’t understand how white IPS students are four times more likely to pass ILEARN than black students, and three times more likely to pass than Hispanic students.

I also do not understand how “popular” magnet programs are seen as so successful when these schools have such racial disparities between white kids and children of color?

My cousin went to one of these magnet schools that is considered a great school. It wasn’t a great school for him. He struggled and his mother struggled to get the leaders there to listen to her and to help her, to engage with her in a way that would help her son. She pulled him out of that school, and now he’s at a school with fewer racial disparities between white and black students and is doing much better. But not all parents can do what my aunt did – not all parents can move or transport their child to a better-performing school. Many parents must rely on their neighborhood IPS schools.

We need to make IPS a district that serves all students, and we do this by making sure children of color are getting the same opportunities as white children. We do this by making sure that black and brown children are just as prepared to graduate from high school and fulfill their dreams.

I think IPS is making changes with the newly-adopted racial equity mindset, and there are neighborhoods schools here that are showing positive results for all children regardless of their race. But I want to see success that isn’t racially segregated in all of our schools.

Please join me in the movement to ensure that each and every IPS school affords the same opportunities to all of our students. We need to make sure that ALL kids in every school— whether it’s traditional, magnet or innovation – are getting a high-quality education.

If you also want to ensure every Indianapolis child has the same opportunities to succeed, add your name.  

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