Crystal Wilmot
IPS Parent Advocate

My 7-year-old daughter, Quinn, attends Global Prep Academy at Riverside 44. I chose GPA for my daughter originally because she enjoyed the Spanish class at her preschool, and I felt it would benefit her in the future to be bilingual.

Quinn is in 2nd grade and she started kindergarten at Global Prep, the first year it was an innovation school. My daughter is performing at grade level in all subjects and I love the structure. Students work in ability groups and the teachers, by parent request, send home additional homework to help students excel to higher ability groups. They have various sports, after-school clubs, and even orchestra for all grade levels. My daughter is in the Latin dance club. I also like the diversity and culture of celebrating everyone.

My husband and I do not speak Spanish fluently, but she reads in both English and Spanish at grade level. It’s Global Prep’s goal to have every student who has attended for five years, reading, writing and speaking in English and Spanish. All the communications from the school come home in both languages.

While I cannot speak for all innovation schools, I can tell you that I like this one. I am happy with the education my child is receiving at GPA and I am glad this school exists. I feel like a lot of people are interested in a Spanish immersion school and if more existed, they would fill up as well. I believe high performing schools, like GPA, should be in every neighborhood in our city so all children can benefit from a quality education.

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