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Current Events & News | 04/17/2020

Brieanna Quinn
Director of Marketing, Communications and Development

After surveying hundreds of parents across Indianapolis Public Schools, we've launched a series of programs and support efforts to help families and respond to feedback received over the past two weeks.

Nearly 45 percent of IPS parents surveyed expressed a need for help with home learning, and more 60 percent told Stand volunteers and organizers that they would utilize a hotline that could help their child with schoolwork.

Starting Thursday, April 16, parents and students in Indianapolis can call the Stand for Children Indiana Home Learning Hotline to get help on their academic work. The hotline will be staffed by dozens of volunteers comprised of current and former teachers, accountants from firms like PWC, Stand Indiana parent leaders, and a host of others who want to support the continued learning of students across Indianapolis.


Stand for Children Indiana Home Learning Hotline

Phone number: 317-560-4600

Zoom video support will be an option for families who have the available technology

Hours of operation:


10 a.m. to Noon

Tuesday and Thursday:                                

4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Support will be provided in English and Spanish


The goal is to keep the hotline operational through the end of May provided parents and students continue to need support.

In addition to the hotline, Stand also announced an online workshop for parents that will focus on tips and best practices for creating a positive and productive at-home learning environment, as well as ways parents can relieve stress and focus on self-care during these times of high anxiety. That workshop is scheduled for the last week of April.

Families can visit the “COVID-19 Info link” on our menu to access more info on academic support being offered, as well as the latest resources available to help families meet their nutritional needs along with health and wellness support.

Stand is still signing up volunteers for the Home Learning Hotline. To apply, follow this link.



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