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Current Events & News, Who We Are | 04/12/2020

A.J. Lucky and Quentessa Williams

As a mom and as a former educator, we both feared the effects of COVID-19 from the beginning. Beyond how contagious it is, the economy and our loved ones who have been impacted by the virus, we saw an overwhelming need for the students who could fall behind academically. Working at Stand for Children Indiana, we knew that the gaps between the haves and the have nots would inevitably grow much wider than they already are.

Privileged children with access to the internet, tutors and technology, will continue to thrive though schools are closed. Children that come from low-income homes will face the challenges of not having the same access. Many of those same families will also be struggling to provide basic needs such as food. It’s hard to worry about education when your basic needs are not met. Due to these struggles, we fear marginalized children will fall further and further behind through no fault of their own. The impact of this could take years to overcome.

Our fears were realized as our team made thousands of calls and surveyed Indianapolis parents and families. Over 55 percent said they needed access to food, 44 percent said they needed help with at-home learning and 67 percent said they would use a home learning hotline if it were available.

We talked to so many families who needed resources, but expressed anxiety by the amount of news and links out there, so the Stand Indiana team created this online resource center. Because so many families expressed interest in a hotline for home learning, we are launching that too

Beginning April 16 and continuing through the end of May, we’re launching a home learning hotline for parents and students in Indianapolis who need help with K-6 math and ELA challenges. If you’re a parent concerned about how to educate your child at home, please call us: 317-560-4600. We would love to help you the best we can. We know that sometimes you just need encouraging words from someone on the other end of the phone to tell you to hang in there and that you’re doing a great job. We also know that math isn’t everyone’s best subject.

We hope this hotline provides some assistance and encouragement to the students and families in our community. We’re all in this together.

For more information about the Stand for Children Indiana Home Learning Hotline, please visit our webpage.

If you’re searching for other academic support resources, check out our COVID-19 resource center.


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