Lena Dickerson
IPS Parent

I am the mother of three beautiful girls, two of whom attend Ignite Achievement Academy. As a product of IPS, it is important that I see this district grow and thrive, which is why I have spoken to the IPS board several times over the past few months about adding bold goals to the district’s strategic plan and racial equity policy.  

The pandemic did not create the shortcomings of the IPS district, but it did highlight them. It made us better see the inequities that our children are facing.

This past year, as difficult as it has been, has caused the world to pause and reflect on many levels. My reflection has made me believe there is no better time than now to revamp and rebuild our educational systems. I know that IPS leaders can help maximize this moment if they act, which is why I’ve started this petition. Will you sign it?


And yes, the district has taken steps towards equity — but there is so much work to be done.

In order to provide equity for all scholars, we need to take a deep look into what is needed for them to have a quality public education, which includes fairly funding all IPS schools (not only traditional ones). My daughter attends an innovation school that did not receive any funds from the operating referendum that was passed. I hope to see those funds benefit all IPS schools soon. 

Collaboration with parents is essential to create smart goals that yield smart results. This is more than just returning emails, but instead having roundtable discussions with parents — and I would love to be part of those conversations. But it’s also more than conversations; it’s about the policies we need IPS leaders to pass and the updates we need them to make to the racial equity policy.  

I voted for many of the sitting members on the IPS board because of what they stood for. Their campaigns aligned with the mission and values that our district needs. Now, I’m calling on them to make good on what they said. Please join me.

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