I didn’t make it to the June IPS action session and I wished I would have been able to. I am really glad such bold goals were passed publicly by the board. I feel like it holds the board and all of us accountable. It shows that there is an opportunity gap and that it needs to be closed. By the board agreeing to this, it feels like an admission that the kids have not had equity. The first step to making a change in anyone's life is admitting there is a problem.

I also feel like these goals passing shows the IPS board has faith and a belief that all kids can achieve with the right supports and services. It shows parents like me that the IPS board is seeing the wrong and taking steps to make it right. I want to thank them for passing these goals. I appreciate that the board has taken a step to address the opportunity gap.

But I will also say, that it’s not all the change I hope to see.


My children are growing. One of my daughters will start high school at Shortridge next year. My future grandkids will likely go to these schools and I hope that long before I have them, the district is fixed. I would have liked to see the changes long ago, but it doesn’t change that I am happy to see them happening now.

It gives me hope because this is the board trying to make a change. It’s a great step in the right direction.

I’m proud to be an involved parent and a parent advocate because I get to have a voice in this kind of change---the types of change that will benefit the needs of our children. I’m passionate about fighting for teenagers and children who are up against systems that can defeat them. My job as an advocate is to take a stand and change the system. I want my children to have equitable opportunities to achieve. Period. You can join me today by signing my petition. After you sign, you’ll get updates about the progress being made and more chances to take a stand for our children.

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