Ferebee welcomed parent voices

Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 12/06/2018

Kayla Mattas
Marketing and Communications Manager

Over the last several years, Stand Indiana has been appreciative of the openness of Dr. Ferebee to hear the concerns of parents. LaToya Tahirou, IPS parent and Stand for Children parent leader, is one of those parents. She has canvassed neighborhoods, spoken at school board meetings, and attended many IPS district meetings where Ferebee was present. Her children attend Phalen Leadership Academy @ IPS #103 and she said she is sure that her children’s school would still be failing if the changes Ferebee and the IPS Board of Commissioners implemented were not made.

“Had there been no change, I’m sure the school would still be failing,” she said in a blog she wrote last June. The school is now an A-rated school.

Ferebee heard parents, parents like LaToya, who came to school board meetings to ask that kids in every neighborhood had access to a great school. More than hearing these parents, he welcomed their voices as an essential part of IPS decisions. His impact will be lasting in the lives of children like LaToya’s.

Most recently, Tahirou has been advocating that failing schools’ model after successful schools to close opportunity gaps. “I have looked at data, toured schools and been involved in meetings, all to do my part in breaking down the opportunity gaps that exist in the IPS school system,” she said. “When a school’s program is successful, let’s move to replicate and give more kids the chance to succeed. I am looking forward to working with the next superintendent, alongside other parent advocates, to do just that.”

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