I appreciate the fact that IPS board members took the time to listen to parents like me. They looked at our plan and then created bold goals based on part of it. It means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to the other parents who spent months drafting the vision for a more just and equitable IPS as well as all those parents and community members who have signed our petition.

IPS Commissioner Kenneth Allen’s words at the June Action session were both impactful and motivating. If you missed it, watch the clip below:

It’s a beautiful thing to see some progress come from all the work parents like me have been putting into creating a more just and equitable IPS for our children. The board unanimously passing goals that could close the opportunity gap in the district if followed through made me feel relieved. The board focusing on language justice made me feel proud. Overall, the June action session made me feel heard.

IPS leaders are listening right now. I want to keep this momentum and positive direction going. If you haven’t already—please sign my petition. I’m going to keep pushing until every goal is met and until I feel like my children and all IPS children are given equitable shots at great futures.

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