Celebrating MLK’s life with dreams

Current Events & News | 01/18/2019

Joel Williams
Indiana Field Director

While celebrating Martin Luther King’s life and legacy it’s always important for me to reflect on how much his work has impacted my life and my son’s life. Every day I benefit from his dream of a world where his children “were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

Because of Dr. King, my son can live a life of boundless opportunities. At only 8 his dreams change daily. Some days he dreams of being an astronaut, other days it is a doctor, the President, or a ninja.

I also have dreams for my son. I dream he grows into a well-educated man, a man of honor, a man who holds doors and respects his elders. I dream my son always stands up for what is right. I dream my son goes to school in a state where every school, even the school down the block, is a great school. I dream my son seeks higher and higher education and fulfils all his dreams. I dream my son has teachers along the way that promote his dreams and help him to make those dreams a reality.

I work for Stand for Children Indiana because I have witnessed firsthand the power of organizing and partnering with other parents to advocate for our children. It’s an honor for me to continue Dr. King’s work here in my own community and I encourage everyone this MLK day to dream for their kids as Dr. King did, and to share that story.

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