Melissa Damm
IPS Grandparent

I have three grandchildren who attend Louis B. Russell, Jr. School 48 (IPS 48) and I believe that the school needs to move in a different direction. One is my granddaughter, Emily, who takes ADHD medication. Last year, IPS 48 was giving Emily her afternoon medication nearly two hours before she needed it because that was more convenient for them. Her mom went and tried to talk to the school four or five times. I went a few times as well. This year, we had to stop sending that medication.

But this isn’t just a medication problem. It’s a school communication problem–one my family has experienced in several forms.

I have had a chance to speak to other parents and take a tour of a Phalen Leadership Academy (PLA). Looking back on that tour as well as my grandchildren’s experiences at IPS 48, I now believe that innovation is the best idea for our school.

My grandchildren and all the students of IPS 48 deserve a quality school. Quality schools have excellent teachers, small group learning, technology for each student and offer transparency. Quality schools communicate well with families and have a thoughtful discipline structure that keeps kids in school. I believe PLA will offer this to my grandchildren’s school.

I hope to see IPS 48 restarted and I hope that because the district is aware that communication between this school and parents has been lacking, there are monthly meetings to make the transition to PLA smooth.


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