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Parent & Family Engagement | 10/30/2019

DeVetrica Quinn
Stand Indiana Fellow

I moved to Indianapolis three years ago for a fresh start. I didn’t know anyone, and it was scary, but I knew it was best for my children.

Not long after we arrived, my son was bullied at school. The bullying got so bad for so long that he tried to take his own life. How are kids supposed to deal with such trauma and then go to school and learn? I homeschooled him for a while after that, then switched him to another public school.

I got involved with Stand for Children Indiana after all this happened. I wish I would have known about Stand sooner. Now I have so much support from other parents and families, and I’ve found my voice. As someone who grew up very shy, I didn’t speak up a lot, but I now know how and when to speak up and that my perspective matters. I know just how important parent involvement is for my children and for all our children.

Today, my son is in 7th grade and doing much better. I’m determined to make sure he’s never bullied again and that he’s in a safe learning environment.

One of my biggest fears is having my children cheated out of their education. My kids – and all Indianapolis kids – deserve a great school in their neighborhood with quality teachers and enough resources to make sure students are supported.

If you want your child’s school to create an anti-bullying, pro-kindness culture, get involved with Teach Kindness today. 

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