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Dontia Dyson

My daughters attend Longfellow and I have a nephew and a godchild who attend School 63. My oldest son is only four, but will one day attend IPS. Because I have such a strong connection to the district and was one of the parents who helped draft the parent vision for a more just an equitable IPS, I spoke to district leaders in October. I asked them to equitably fund our schools, no matter their type. I hope they vote tomorrow to share the operating referendum funds.

Please read my story below and then email district leaders to ask them to support ensuring our schools are funded fairly 

I believe that parent, family and community involvement is really important for a student’s success, and I deeply care about the success of my children. The children in my life are my whole world. Because of this, I’m involved in both schools.


I’m really tight with my nephew and he is a great kid. He did struggle in school at one point. His mom is a single mom, so I’ve helped her a lot.  

I am upset that my nephew is going to a school that isn’t seeing fair share of operating referendum funds. I hope that IPS leaders plan to share these funds with all school types. We talk about equity as a district, and I believe sharing these funds is the right thing to do. We should not exclude some schools from the operating referendum funds.   

IPS taxpayers made those funds possible. If we want to be an inclusive and equitable district, we have to make sure we use these funds to uplift all schools, not just some.Most importantlythese are all IPS kids, no matter what school type they attend.     

For my daughters and all kids in this district, I want them to have opportunity at their fingertips, to feel the whole world is open to them. I don’t want them stuck to one or two choices. I don’t want my kids to be limited. I don’t want my kids to be put into boxes or destined to lead a low-income life. The more opportunities we give our kids, the more likely they can leave poverty behind and follow their dreams.    

When I spoke to the district, I also told them that we need to look at and grow the schools that are getting results for all kids and don’t have a big gap in test scores between races. I always say that with knowledge, we should “share the wealth.” If I know something that has helped me or my children, I share it out. I want this district to have the same thought about our schools. If there are models that are proving to show that all kids can pass tests, academically achieve and graduate, then we need to grow them and share what they are doing.    

Whether we all know it or not, getting into a great school is like winning the lottery for some of our kids. The education they do or do not receive can determine their entire futures. I won’t sit by as a parent when there are schools that prove all kids can succeed. Every school has to be a great school if we are going to have equity and rebuild the district.  

Before my time to speak was up, I also thanked district leaders for what they have done. They passed bold board goals, an equity policy and a Black Lives Matter resolution.  

If you’re with me and want to see the district take more steps in the right direction, please email them with one click today. Ask them to ensure all our schools are funded equitably.  


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