Aleesia wants excellence for all IPS kids

Current Events & News | 07/19/2019

Anna Chaney
IPS Parent Advocate

As a mom, I am thrilled the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) board announced Aleesia Johnson as our district’s next superintendent. Knowing that Aleesia is a fellow IPS parent is important to me.  I’m excited to see her lead our schools because she cares about students and families. She wants better results for ALL kids.

I’ve met Aleesia Johnson on several occasions, both as an Indianapolis Public School (IPS) parent and in a professional capacity, and all our exchanges have shown me she is ready to lead IPS.

Last year, while Washington Irving IPS #14 was under a School Quality Review (SQR), there were parents who opposed it or had concerns about the contending operator for this school. I was one of those parents. She handled this with grace and professionalism. She listened to all the parent concerns and addressed each one. She answered my questions and made me feel like my voice mattered.

I remember also meeting with Aleesia when a group of parents were interested in replicating high performing schools within IPS. Again, she listened to us and worked with us. She values parents’ ideas and implements them. She is willing to make changes to create a better IPS for our kids.

She genuinely cares about families and students. I’ve seen Mrs. Johnson inside our school more times than I saw previous superintendents in an entire year.

And when she visits a school, she calls you by name and gives you a hug, she remembers your last conversation. She makes you feel more like a counterpart than a number that works in the school or just another parent face. I feel like I can have conversations with her because she’s approachable and she’s genuine.

With Superintendent Johnson as our leader, I can’t wait to see the progress IPS makes for students and families. If you’re also happy to see Aleesia Johnson lead IPS, take a moment and tell her congratulations.

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