John Cooper
IPS Parent Advocate

I am an IPS parent. I have four daughters, three are at URBAN ACT. My youngest daughter will join them next year for kindergarten.

As a father, I support Aleesia Johnson being the next superintendent because I believe in her and I believe she will help IPS kids like mine.

I met her at a listening session a few weeks ago and she paid attention to everyone and gave everyone a fair chance to have an opinion. She was patient enough to let us say what we had to say. Instead of our words going in one ear and out the other, she took her time to really listen to us. It was clear, she’s in it for all the children and wants to elevate them to the next level and that is awesome.

She’s a good motivator. She encourages us all to push harder and do more for the kids in these schools. The whole time I was listening to her, she made me think about how I can do more. Our kids don’t have a chance until we step up. I asked about children’s safety and she let me know all the programs we could get involved in with our kids. I think it is important to keep the kids active so they won’t turn to the streets.

She wants to turn schools all the way around. I think she can bring more programs to our schools that will make our kids more successful.

In IPS, I want to see kids have the self-esteem to know that they can do better.

I want someone to be the superintendent who cares about all kids’ wellbeing’s as much as I do for my own daughters, and I think Aleesia Johnson does. Knowing they have someone going to bat for them when they can’t for themselves makes me feel good as a father. I feel positive that she is going to do the right things for our kids.

She’s here for children and parents and teachers. She is here for the whole thing, so she’s got my support.

IPS board members will soon decide on the district’s next leader. Ensure your voice is heard!  

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