Aleesia Johnson, an Advocate for IPS Families

Access to High-Quality Schools, Current Events & News, Parent & Family Engagement | 06/19/2019

Earl Scott
IPS Parent Advocate

All three of my children attend Indianapolis Public Schools, IPS 28, 48, and 56. As an IPS Parent, I support Aleesia Johnson as the next IPS superintendent because I believe she’s the most-qualified candidate and genuinely cares about the success of all IPS children. She not only speaks about community input and teamwork – she lives it.  I’ve witnessed her partnering with parents to create positive outcomes for children. If you want IPS to serve ALL students and ensure they receive a high-quality education, tell the school board to select Aleesia Johnson as the next superintendent.

Earlier this month, I saw Aleesia Johnson give a speech to parents, and she said something that was very encouraging to me:

“We together are a team. And the reality is that we may not always be on the same page about what is the best way to set them up for success, and that’s ok. And I think that is ok because at the end of the day, I believe you’re coming to the table, I am coming to the table and my team is coming to the table, with the deep belief that every single one of our children, every single last one, can succeed and deserves the opportunity to live the very best life that they can. So, when we come together with that common purpose in mind, then I believe we can make the impossible, possible.”

Before now, I’ve never seen a superintendent come and meet with the parents as often as Aleesia Johnson does. She’s very involved in our community and truly respects and listens to parent voices. She considers the entire community when she makes choices that impact our children. Of all the candidates, I trust Aleesia Johnson. I believe she is the only candidate who will genuinely support IPS students and families.

I want my kids to go to a school where they are supported and able to succeed. I support my children following their dreams and letting their passions take them to the best careers possible. I want to see an IPS where the leader of our district also believes all children deserve an opportunity to succeed, and that we can make that happen with teamwork.

The IPS board members will soon decide on the district’s next leader. Ensure your voice is heard and tell the IPS board that you want Aleesia Johnson as the next superintendent!

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